Product Glossary


    • 3M™ 360° Enhanced Visibility

      Strategically placed premium 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material and piping on our garments make the human form recognizable from nearly every angle in low-light conditions. All Harley-Davidson MotorClothes apparel with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material has a candlepower of 200, allowing you to be seen from up to 500 feet in clear weather conditions. Products must feature a minimum of 75 square inches of 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Materials strategically placed on front, sides and back in order to be labeled as 360-degree Enhanced Visibility.

    • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material

      3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material provides you with Enhanced Rider Visibility, meaning you are more visible in low-light or nighttime conditions when illuminated by a light source, such as headlights. All Harley-Davidson MotorClothes apparel with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material has a candlepower of 200, allowing you to be seen from up to 500 feet in clear weather conditions.

    • 6061-T6 Aluminum

      Numbers refer to the specific aluminum alloy and heat-treating process. "6061" is commonly used to make levers, covers and wheels because the alloy is strong, light-weight and machines well to produce a smooth surface for polishing, plating or painting.

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    • Action back

      Deep pleats at the back of each shoulder are specially constructed to provide you with added mobility and comfort when your arms are straightforward, in the riding position.

    • Adjustable

      Component or accessory can be adjusted for comfort and convenience; by hand or using simple hand tools.

    • Adjustable waist

      Adjustable tabs, hook-and-loop, or buckles found on the left, right and sometimes front center of the lower waistline, allowing the fit of the jacket to be loosened or tightened.

    • Airguard® fabric

      A waterproof textile fabric that uses a hollow fiber construction, which works as a temperature regulator fabric. It's lightweight, waterproof, windproof, abrasion and tear-resistant.

    • ANSI Standards

      ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute. The primary objective of ANSI is to promote and facilitate voluntary consensus standards and conformity assessment systems. ANSI does not have authority to enforce such standards, but their standards are used by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to be sure that certain safety devices, such as eyewear, provide adequate protection.

      Harley-Davidson® Performance Eyewear meets ANSI Z87.1 standards. This standard sets requirements for the design, construction, testing, and use of eye protection devices, including standards for impact and penetration resistance.

    • Anti-Microbial

      Combats odors by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus on the fabric.

    • Anti-slip grip

      Silicone is adhered to the glove at key places on the fingers and palm to reduce slipping for maximum grip. Gives the rider the enhanced gripping ability.

    • Auxiliary

      An extra, additional and/or optional system or switch

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    • Biker collar

      A notched collar with snap tabs to keep the collar in place and is designed to zip all the way up. The most iconic collar for Harley-Davidson. Its specific design allows the collar to be zipped all the way up for cold weather riding or snapped down to allow airflow.

    • Billet

      (Billet Aluminum & Forged Billet Aluminum) Billet aluminum is a high-quality aluminum alloy that possesses excellent qualities of strength and surface finish. Accessories machined from billet are considered of premium design and quality.

    • Black Ice

      A proprietary surface treatment used on Harley-Davidson custom wheels. The black finish offers superior visual depth while being tough and easy to maintain.

    • Body armor pockets

      Special built-in pockets, placed in key impact areas inside the jacket or pants, and designed to hold body armor, which is available as a separate purchase. Offers flexibility for customers to easily add or remove body armor to their jacket or pants for added protection when needed.

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    • Carbon/Kevlar®

      Kevlar is a synthetic fiber of high tensile strength used especially as a reinforcing agent. In these helmets there are multiple layers of carbonized Kevlar fibers, along with multiple layers of resin. With the combined strength of both carbon and Kevlar, less material is needed to achieve maximum helmet strength, providing you with a significantly lighter helmet that is made of stronger materials.

    • Cast Wheels

      Solid aluminum wheels that are cast from molten aluminum. Harley-Davidson leads the industry in their proprietary casting and polishing processes to create the best looking custom wheels at the best price point

    • CE approved body armor

      CE approved body armor is placed in key impact areas of this garment to absorb energy if an impact were to occur – providing added protection when needed. The lightweight polymer naturally forms to your shape and can be easily removed from the garment if desired. "CE approved" means that the body armor has passed an appropriate quality assurance test.

    • Cement Construction

      A type of footwear construction where the sole is attached to the insole with a high-quality bonding agent. Cement construction creates flexible, light-weight footwear.

    • Channel Venting System

      Front and back intake vents work systematically to distribute airflow throughout this garment to help cool your core body temperature while riding.

    • Chrome

      Indication that the metal, chromium is applied to the component/accessory. NOTE: chrome-plating is an electrolytic process that permanently attaches chromium to the part. It is brilliant in color and is corrosion and abrasion resistant.

    • Clear lenses

      Designed to protect the eye from dust and debris while riding. Clear lenses are ideal during low-light or nighttime riding. Offers protection during low-light or night riding.

    • Cocona Natural Technology Membrane

      The Cocona membrane lies between the outer shell and the mesh lining of the jacket. This technology uses naturally derived fibers from coconut shells and other natural micro porous particles to provide unprecedented breathability while maintaining the ultimate in windproof and waterproof performance.

    • Cocona Natural Technology Mesh Lining

      Naturally derived from coconut shells and other active particles, when used as mesh lining, Cocona fabrics are extremely breathable providing exceptional evaporative cooling and odor resistance. Unlike topical treatments, Cocona technology is embedded into the fibers of a fabric so it will not wear out or wash off.

    • Comfort liner

      There are two types of comfort liners: Fixed and removable. Some helmets feature both for additional functionality and comfort.

      Comfort liners are usually made of foam and covered with either a terry cloth-like fabric or more functional moisture wicking materials, such as CoolMax® or SilverCool® fabrics, which absorb moisture from skin, allowing it to evaporate quickly.

      Removable liners can be removed and washed for better hygiene. And can be replaced as needed.

    • Concho

      Metal adornment used to enhance style and customization. Conchos can be used with or without the leather lacing strap

    • Contrast Chrome

      Unique combination of chrome-plating and gloss black powder-coat paint that produces the highest visual contrast.

    • CoolMax® lining

      A fixed liner located closest to the body that moves perspiration away from the body to the fabric's outer surface, where it evaporates quickly. Helps the rider stay dry and comfortable.

    • CORDURA® Fabric

      An extremely durable, stretchable and lightweight fabric. Helps to maximize the rider's comfort and is resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs.

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    • D.O.T. requirements

      Abbreviation for Department of Transportation. All Harley-Davidson® helmets go through rigorous testing to ensure they meet DOT requirements. These requirements include three performance tests: (1) an impact attenuation test; (2) a penetration test; and (3) a retention system test; as well as various labeling requirements.

      A helmet that meets DOT requirements will feature a DOT decal on the back of the helmet beneath the clear coat.

    • D.O.T. Approved

      Certification that the component and/or motorcycle complies with the regulations of the US Department of Transportation.

    • Day/Night lenses

      Sometimes referred to as photo-chromic or transitional lenses. These lenses transition from clear to tinted when exposed to sunlight. Eliminates the need to change lenses for different lighting conditions.

    • Detachable

      Indicates the accessory or component can be attached or detached by hand, without tools, and usually in 30-seconds or less.

    • Double leg zipper

      Chaps feature two separate side zippers so the customer can select the zipper position that provides the best fit. Double zip chaps give the rider an additional inch of room to work with for adjustability in fit.

    • Double-D ring chin strap

      Two rings, each shaped like a "D," that are sewn onto the retention system or chin strap of a helmet. These rings are what fasten the retention system or chinstrap of the helmet to the rider.

      For proper fit, the chin strap should be snug against the skin with no more than a finger-width of space between the strap and the skin.

    • Drum-dyed leather hides

      Prepared skins are soaked in a large drum of natural dye, which penetrates all the way through the hide to offer long-lasting color. The leather is left for a period of time before being tumbled in the barrel to ensure softness and durability.

      Often times, inexpensive or low quality leathers will be top coated with color. With a color coating, the color can scratch off or bleed when it gets wet (otherwise known as "crocking").

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    • ECM

      (Electronic Control Module): In street terms, the electronic “brain†that controls Harley-Davidson's electronic fuel injection system. Also known as the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) on modern automobiles.

    • Edge Cut

      Black anodized or black powder-coat painted accessories that are Edge Cut (Machined) to reveal the contrasting aluminum underneath.

    • EPA Stamped

      Certification that the component and/or motorcycle is emissions and noise compliant according to the regulations of the US Environmental Protection Agency. Stamp is visible on Harley-Davidson OE and Screamin' Eagle Street Legal Mufflers.

    • EVS Technology

      EVS is an abbreviation for Enhanced Vision System. EVS provides increased directional accuracy in straight-ahead and peripheral vision, including optimum optical power in wrap frames. In fact, they get a 20% wider field of vision from edge to edge of the lens, while riding.

      In addition, vision is corrected across the entire lens to drastically decrease prismatic distortion. These lenses are refractive – able to focus light rays, and resolving – the ultimate in lens clarity.

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    • Foam Padding

      Depending on the eyewear, the foam padding may be fixed (glued into place on the frame) or removable (attached to a mid-frame that can be removed). Foam padding provides a tighter seal around the eyes to prevent air and debris from irritating the eye.

    • Force Flex™ Technology

      A patented multi-injection molding process of soft rubber (TPU) that binds the lens directly into the frame. This process creates a bendable, unbreakable and more comfortable frame that flexes to adjust to nearly any face shape.

      Force Flex™ Technology is exclusive to Harley-Davidson in the motorsports industry.

    • Forged Wheels

      Solid aluminum wheels that start life as a piece of billet aluminum, then are pressed (forged) into basic wheel design using thousands of tons of pressure. The Forging process improves the grain and density of the metal to create the strongest wheel with the best surface finish.

    • FXRG®

      Stands for Performance (FX) Riding Gear. It is the ultimate in riding gear because it is good for all seasons and all riding conditions. The most durable and functional gear available. It offers the rider versatility, comfort and is built to last. FXRG® jackets offer a limited lifetime warranty.

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    • Gel-padded palms

      A semi-soft pad that provides additional layering on the palm of the glove to reduce the vibrations from the bike to the hand. Reduces hand fatigue by absorbing vibrations from the road.

    • Gore-Tex®

      Gore-Tex® is a durable, waterproof, windproof, and breathable high-performance material that helps to keep you dry and warm.Â

    • Gore-Tex® liners

      A triple-layer membrane that provides an impenetrable barrier against wind and water while maintaining breathability. The Gore-Tex® membrane is positioned between the outer-material of the glove and the inside liner.

    • Guardian Technology

      An abrasion resistant material strategically placed at the shoulders and elbows, and sometimes at the back yoke and knees to increase the durability of fabric and provide an additional layer of protection.

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    • Heat resistance shields

      This garment features heat resistance shields, a layer of fabric that provides you with greater comfort by obstructing heat that is being generated near your inner legs while riding.

    • Heel Height

      Heel height is measured on a vertical line at the breast of the heel, from the bottom surface of the sole where it meets the heel, to the floor. Heel height is measured in increments of 1/8th inches.

    • Hi-Vis

      Utilizes highly florescent fabrics in colors like high visibility orange or yellow for enhanced daytime visibility. Hi-Vis garments are often combined with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material for additional visibility. Hi-Vis gear serves as a first line of defense by making the rider more noticeable to other motorists in daytime and low-light riding conditions. These Harley-Davidson® garments are often combined with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material.

    • Hybrid Ultra-Light

      A one-step process using an aramid reinforced fiberglass weave and the optimum amount of resin built into the fibers. This mix of materials combined with the state-of-the-art manufacturing process results in a stronger helmet with a smaller impact liner. These shells are 17% lighter than comparable fiberglass shells, providing a lightweight helmet option for the rider.

    • Hydration packs & pockets

      Hydration packs contain a polyacrylite crystal that absorbs and holds water then releases it slowly through evaporation. The cooling effect of evaporation acts to cool the body as well.

      Hydration pockets, found in most mesh jackets including many of the textile Switchback jacket, are specifically designed to hold hydration packs, which are sold separately in Core.

    • Hydration vest

      An entire vest lined with polyacrylite crystals that absorbs and holds water then releases it slowly through evaporation. The cooling effect of evaporation acts to cool the body as well. Evaporation causes a cooling effect against the body to keep the rider cool and comfortable, while helping with hydration during hot weather rides.

    • Hydro Guard

      Effective waterproof membrane protect the foot from the discomfort of water soaking through the boot.

    • Hydrophobic

      A Hydrophobic treatment facilitates run-off of water droplets from the surface of the lens. Lenses easily repel dirt and water, and are easier to clean without smudging.

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    • Jiffy Stand

      The steel component that swings out from the frame to support the motorcycle when parked. More commonly known as the kickstand or side stand.

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    • Kidney belt

      Made of a breathable and elastic fabric, the kidney belt is adjustable and designed to stretch around the lower back and waist, fitting close to the body while fastening in the front. It provides additional protection to the kidney area as well as support and comfort for the lower back and torso. It is especially beneficial during long rides.

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    • Mandarin collar

      A standing band that wraps around the neck, either slightly open in the front or with a tab that snaps close. The snap tabbed mandarin collar helps keep the wind from going into the jacket, keeping the rider warm. It is also the most popular collar style for Harley-Davidson.

    • Mesh

      Knitted or woven fabric with an open weave producing a characteristic screen-like effect. Mesh provides lightweight, breathable coverage that makes it an ideal choice for warm-weather riding.

    • Mid-Frame Foam

      With mid-frame foam, the foam padding is attached directly to a removable frame. This frame snaps quickly and easily into the performance eyewear to create a seal around the eye that prevents air and debris from irritating the eyes.

      The mid-frame foam can also be removed converting the performance eyewear into sunglasses.

    • Mirror Chrome

      Proprietary polishing and chrome-plating techniques that produce the smoothest, most brilliantly-reflective chrome surface.

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    • Neck Curtain

      A protective piece of fabric or leather that zips into the helmet lining to protect the neck from the elements. The neck curtain is normally removable to provide the rider with a choice to ride with or without it in place. Covers the rider's neck from the wind and rain to provide additional warmth in cooler riding conditions.

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    • Ortholite

      Insoles that provide long lasting cushioning, high level breathability and wicking, unrivaled durability and recycled rubber content. Ortholite insoles help to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

    • Outlast®

      Outlast® technology interacts with the unique microclimate of your body and the environment to moderate temperature by absorbing your body heat when too much is created, diminishing the amount of moisture near your skin to keep you comfortable while riding.

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    • Packable

      This garment can be packed inside a self-packing pocket, offering you convenience when stowing garments by keeping the garments self-contained and compact.

    • Patented Airflow Technology

      Windproof interior panels are placed directly behind perforated leather or mesh panels. The windproof panels can be zipped down to allow for maximum cooling airflow in warm weather. When the weather cools, zip the panels back up to block airflow and stay warm.Â

    • Perforated leather

      A die-cut pattern in the leather that allows for greater airflow while riding. The pattern and size of the die-cut can vary from small dots to larger diamond plate patterns.

      This leather is typically more expensive due to the die cutting process.

    • Pillion

      The backseat on a motorcycle for the passenger.

    • Polarized Lenses

      Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks reflected light from the road and other light-reflecting surfaces to reduce glare.

      There are some instances when polarized lenses may not be recommended. Polarized lenses may create a double-vision effect when looking through a Lexan™ windshield. Polarized lenses may also block light reflecting off of icy patches on the road which could prevent alerting riders to upcoming road hazards. Some LCD and digital displays on cell phones or dashboards may be unreadable through polarized lenses.

    • Polycarbonate (also called Thermoplastic)

      A single-layer, injection-molded material that has a larger inner impact liner to meet DOT requirements, which in turn increases shell size and weight.

      Polycarbonate shells are typically opening price point helmets.

    • Poron

      A top chpice for extreme impact protection. Poron is built into the boots and is comfortable, flexible and lightweight while still absorbing more than 90% of energy when impacted at high strain rates.

    • Powder-Coat Paint

      Refers to a type of paint that is applied using electrostatic charge and then baked to form an extremely tough painted surface.

    • Power-stretch

      Stretchable pleated material strategically placed at key areas of the garment such as the sides. Gives the rider added flexibility for improved fit and comfort, while helping to block the wind.

      In order to create this stretchable pleat, the material is doubled in length and then brought together with a stretchable material, which provides give when needed.

    • Pre-curved fingers

      Ergonomically designed to comfortably fit the natural contour of the rider's fingers. Offers great comfort and fit while riding.

    • Pre-curved sleeves

      Custom designed by Harley-Davidson technical designers, to specifically fit the customer while riding a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, which has a unique riding position.

    • Prescription Lenses

      Lenses that are created specifically for riders with a corrective eyewear prescription. Lenses are manufactured with a patented lens grinding process that provides superior optics. Requires a valid doctor-issued optical prescription. Contact your local Dealership for more information on how to order.

    • Primaloft® warmth liner

      A removable, lightweight and water-repellent shell that uses a patented micro-fiber structure specially treated to insulate the core of the rider without being bulky. This liner is as warm as goose down, compressible for storage, breathable and offers superior water repellency so the rider remains dry, warm and comfortable in extreme conditions.

    • Prismatic Performance

      One of the areas of optical quality of Sola Sunlens lenses produced by Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens. In optics, a lens that can have precise geometric configurations enabling light to be bent or reflected in certain ways. A prism also can split white light into different wave lengths and colors.

      Lenses with EVS technology reduce the possibility for prismatic distortion.

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    • Quick Install

      Relating to the ease of installation of a component or accessory

    • Quick Release

      Hand operated mechanism designed to allow attachment and/or detachment of a component or accessory quickly and easily.

    • Quick-release pull tabs

      Tabs strategically placed on fingerless gloves. These tabs are designed to easily and quickly remove fingerless gloves.

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    • Refractive Performance

      One of the areas of optical quality of Sola Sunlens lenses produced by Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens. The refractive performance is the ability of a lens to refract or "bend" light is also the ability to focus light, which determines the sharpness of vision.

      Lenses with EVS technology reduce the potential for refractive errors.

    • Removable hood

      A hood on a garment that can easily be zipped off or put back on. Gives the rider the flexibility to either have a hood or not.

    • Removable liners

      Removable vest or long-sleeve garment that can be warn as a layering piece for extra warmth. When taken out of the jacket, many liners can also be worn as a stand-alone piece.

      Liners can be made of a variety of materials from a basic cotton fleece to performance fabrics such as Primaloft® material.

    • Resolving Power

      One of the areas of optical quality of Sola Sunlens lenses produced by Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens. Refers to the level of detail and clarity a lens can produce.

      Lenses with EVS technology provide a clearer picture with less distortion.

    • Reversible

      A garment where both sides can be worn to the outside of the piece. Adds value because it is two jackets in one, giving the rider two different style choices.

    • Rigid

      Accessory that mounts to motorcycle using hardware and requires basic hand tools to remove and replace.

    • Rolled collar

      A tall collar with a zipper that zips all the way up the neck to block the wind. It can be snapped down with the hidden snaps to secure the collar while riding. It is versatile by either blocking the wind or allowing more airflow for the rider with the hidden snaps. It is the second most popular collar for Harley-Davidson.

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    • Shaft Height

      This measurement is taken on the inside seam of the boot, and is measured from where the shaft meets to sole of the boot, to the top of the shaft.

    • Single hand draw cord

      A cord usually either at the waist or hood that tightens or loosen the fit. The cord is designed to be used easily with one hand. Allows the rider to adjust the fit of the garment with just one hand.

    • Smoke lenses

      Provides the truest picture of actual light that you are seeing to help reduce eye fatigue. Best for riding in sunny conditions.

    • Snap tabs on arms

      Snap tabs are normally located on the outer arm at the elbow and forearm. Designed to keep body armor in place as well as tighten the sleeve to reduce the amount of drag in the jacket from the wind.

    • SNELL Approved

      William "Pete" Snell was an amateur auto racer who died in a racing event in 1956 when his then state-of- the-art helmet failed to protect him. In memory of Pete a number of his friends, colleagues and fellow racers formed the Snell Memorial Foundation to try to improve helmet design and capabilities.

      The Snell Memorial Foundation had developed safety standards for protective headgear and independently tests manufacturer's helmets. Snell Standards are the most demanding. They are set to levels of protective performance that only the best, most protective headgear will meet.

      Typically, the SNELL rating is used on high performance helmets that are often used in racing.

    • Storm Cotton™

      Storm Cotton™ is a trademark of Cotton Incorporated. Storm Cotton™ technology is a finish that makes cotton water-repellent while maintaining the breathability of untreated cotton. Offers the rider garments with a more casual appearance, while adding the functionality of water-repellency, wind-protection, and breathability.

    • Storm Cotton™

      A trademark of Cotton Incorporated, this finish utilizes a technology that adds the functionality of water-repellency and wind-protection, while maintaining the breathability of untreated cotton.

    • Sun Shield

      Sun Shield helmets feature an internal tinted retractable shield that deploys quickly and easily with either the slide (3/4, Modular, Full-Face helmets) or pull (half helmets) of a lever. When in the down position, the sun shield acts as a tinted visor and when in the up position it disappears into the helmet. Provides relief from sun glare nearly instantly without the hassle of stopping to add or remove a tinted face shield.

    • Sunlight Deflecting

      This garment features a special leather treatment that deflects the sun's rays away from the garment, helping to reduce your core body temperature by 20%.

    • SuperFabric Brand Materials

      SuperFabric brand materials use a technology that bonds micro-armor to fabric for exceptional performance, protection and comfort. When placed in key impact areas like the elbows and shoulders, SuperFabric brand material provide up to 10 times greater abrasion resistance.

    • Switchback Technology

      Outer leather panels of the jacket completely zip off to create a mesh jacket underneath for warm weather riding. These panels can be stashed for when they are needed again and quickly and easily zip back into place for cooler riding conditions. Provides more versatility for a variety of climate conditions as well as a greater value of two jackets in one – full textile and mesh.

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    • TechTuff leather

      Highly abrasion resistant, oil and stain resistant, breathable and more durable than traditional leather while maintaining breathability and style.

    • Textile

      Term used to describe a garment that uses fabric instead of leather.

    • Textured Black

      Gloss black powder-coat paint over textured aluminum finish on select Harley-Davidson custom wheels.

    • Textured Chrome

      Electroplated chrome surface treatment over textured aluminum finish used on select Harley-Davidson custom wheels

    • Thinsulate™

      Thinsulate™ is a synthetic fiber thermal insulation that is extremely efficient at trapping air as well as body heat, helping to keep you warm without added bulk.

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    • UPF-30

      This fabric is designed to protect you against 96% of the sun's UV radiation, providing a layer of protection against the sun's harmful UV rays.

    • UV Protection

      A UV coating blocks out nearly 100% of the suns dangerous UV radiation.

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    • Venting

      Strategically placed and fully adjustable to control the amount of airflow. Allows for rider to regulate the amount of airflow around the core of the body and keep the body cooler during warmer weather riding.

      Vents are usually located either on front chest, front shoulder or underarms and then on back for flow-through ventilation.

    • Vibram

      Soles that are designed to provide optimum traction, comfort and performance.

    • Vintage leather

      The leather used for this garment has been surface dyed to create an authentic vintage leather appearance.

      The leather will become distressed and lighten over time making each garment unique while giving it a further vintage appeal.

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    • Washed leather

      Treated during the dying process to have a washed affect on the leather. It gives the leather a casual look with old school style.

    • Waterproof

      Used to describe a garment that cannot be penetrated by water. Garment is waterproofed to keep the rider dry in moderate to heavy rain or for longer rides in less heavy rain.

      To make a jacket 100% waterproof additional features such as fully seam-sealed and waterproof zippers are incorporated.

    • Waterproof leather

      The leather is saturated completely with a water-repellent treatment during the tanning process.

    • Water-resistant

      A garment made of a fabric that is not totally waterproof, but treated to repel water and dry easily. Water-resistant items are partially waterproof to keep water out allowing the rider to stay dry and warm in wet conditions. Water-resistant items can lose their ability to repel water and dry easily after repeated dry cleanings as that process sometimes wears away the treatment on the fabric.

    • Welt Construction

      The most durable method for bonding the sole to the boot. A welt is an additional piece of material cut in the shape of the sole. It is swen onto the upper and then the sole is stitched to the welt to achieve a superior bond.

    • Wicking

      This fabric is designed to draw moisture away from the skin and quickly disperse it throughout the fabric, which helps regulate body temperature for a more comfortable ride.

    • Wind flap

      A panel of fabric located behind the front center zipper that is designed to block air from flowing through the zipper.

    • Windproof

      Fabric that is either laminated with a windproof membrane to create a wind barrier or woven so tightly that the gaps between threads do not let wind pass through.

    • Wind-resistant

      A fabric that is treated to act against or oppose the penetration of wind or air, but not completely windproof.


      This garment features Windstopper®, a lightweight, durable membrane between the outer and inner layer that combines total windproofness with maximum breathability. This technology provides versatility and comfort, helping to keep you warm and dry.

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    • Yellow lenses

      Increases contrast and depth perception as well as color distortion and width perception properties. Yellow lenses are ideal for early morning or sunset light or rainy days.

    • YKK® Finguard® zipper

      YKK branded and produced zippers are long lasting and are of higher quality. The Finguard® zipper is waterproof to prevent leakage during inclement weather.

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